A place of community.

A place of connection.

A place to commit wholeheartedly to yourself.

Our Sangha of Light is a beautiful space where you can experience that feeling of community and connection at all times.

Whether you practice alongside Helen in the studio, you only practice through our membership or simply you would love to be part of our sangha from afar, this sacred space will serve you.

This is a safe place to come into soulful connection with others but ultimately yourself. A portal for you to dive into where you will feel the support and encouragement needed to create a practice at home.

Within here you will find simplicity and ease at the forefront of this platform. There will be no more need to frantically search for YouTube videos or be faced by overwhelm with where to focus your practice.

Each month you will be guided, held and supported by Helen with a teaching that you can follow and embody. A teaching rooted with intention. A sacred tapestry of seasonal practices to help you live more in rhythm. A safe and held container offering the tools to help you cultivate an embodied practice.

Join our Sangha

“I have been practicing yoga with Helen for 7 years and am still always amazed at the amount of knowledge she has. Every week a different theme is brought to the practice but generally following the original yoga path of Patanjali and the eight limbs of yoga. We practice asanas, breathing exercises, meditation, chanting, listen to the most amazing music and more recently Helen has brought sound healing, which she plays herself, into the mix. The classes are always full of beautiful energy, spirituality and laughter and if you are wanting to move onwards in your yoga journey Helens classes are for you. It is because of Helens guidance that yoga has become a way of life for me and for that I am grateful - thanks Helen!”


What you will receive

+A monthly teaching rooted with intention

+2 yoga practices

+1 meditation

+1 breathwork or Yoga Nidra

+Live virtual practice

+Self-inquiry Worksheet

+Full access to previous sessions

+Dedicated mailing list & Facebook group for support

+Bonus teachings

+Discount to all of Helen’s workshops & sound baths

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£22 per month

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£242 for the year (one month free)

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“Helen is a ray of sunshine. Her love of yoga shines from her and she delights in sharing that love with her class. Helen is very professional. There is never any pressure to compete, in fact she reminds us constantly that our practice is our own to do as we like which is reassuring for people like me.”


I am Helen

Hello, I am Helen

I love to weave my practice with the elements and ancient mythology as well as allowing it to flow with the rhythm of our seasons, the planets and the cycles of the moon. When we mirror the qualities and energy in season and within our solar system we feel more balanced and energised in ourselves. Aligning with nature around and connecting to this cosmic rhythm we can heal more easily, feel more steady in the mind and content with life.

Join our Sangha

“The Sangha is a community where there should be harmony, and peace, and understanding. That is something created by our daily life together. If love is there in the community, if we’ve been nourished by the harmony in the community, then we will never move away from love.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh