huge positive impact on my physical and mental health wellbeing

“I contacted Helen shortly after completing cancer treatment. I was physically and mentally shattered. Helen was a real tonic and welcomed me to the class with open arms, warmth and reassurance. The mixture of yoga and healing has had a huge positive impact on my physical and mental health wellbeing. The retreats and work shops offered by Helen have been incredible. A wonderful and warm teacher with classes inclusive for all.”


I am blown away by her ability to read exactly what each and every person needs in that given moment

“Helen’s work never fails to hit the mark each and every time I walk into a class, a workshop or go away on retreat I am blown away by her ability to read exactly what each and every person needs in that given moment. Her classes are progressive working deep into the body on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. I love the extra dimension she gives to her offerings weaving in teaching from many different modalities. I always feel healed inside and out and recommend you come and try Helen’s teachings out for yourself.”


always amazed at the amount of knowledge

“I have been practicing yoga with Helen for 7 years and am still always amazed at the amount of knowledge she has. Every week a different theme is brought to the practice but generally following the original yoga path of Patanjali and the eight limbs of yoga. We practice asanas, breathing exercises, meditation, chanting, listen to the most amazing music and more recently Helen has brought sound healing, which she plays herself, into the mix. The classes are always full of beautiful energy, spirituality and laughter and if you are wanting to move onwards in your yoga journey Helens classes are for you. It is because of Helens guidance that yoga has become a way of life for me and for that I am grateful – thanks Helen!”


takes students on a beautiful journey

“Helen’s teachings are very different than any other Yoga class that I have attended. As soon as I stepped into the room, I was welcomed with a warm friendly smile. Helen takes her students on a beautiful journey not just physically and mentally but spiritually. She plans her yoga sessions to allow her students to question, reflect and connect with themselves in all areas of their life.

I recently attended the autumn retreat in Malham. I really enjoyed the wide range of activities that were available during the retreat. The retreat allowed me to have a memorable time with like minded people in a fantastic location. It was a lovely time for reflection, yoga and meditation. The retreat was the perfect release that I needed from my very hectic family life. Thank you Helen for all your kind support, guidance and friendship.”


nurture your body & your mind

“If you want to nurture your body & your mind, look no further than Helen’s yoga classes and workshops. My life is so much better for being there.”


it’s just what I need

“I really look forward to my yoga class with Helen; it’s just what I need after a stressful day at work and always have a good nights sleep afterwards.”


Helen is a ray of sunshine

“Helen is a ray of sunshine. Her love of yoga shines from her and she delights in sharing that love with her class. Helen is very professional. There is never any pressure to compete, in fact she reminds us constantly that our practice is our own to do as we like which is reassuring for people like me.”


inspired me to continue to develop my Spiritual practice

“I have been a regular participant for over 4 years now at Helens Yoga classes, workshops and retreats. She has helped my yoga practice to grow beautifully. Along with helping to maintain my balance physically, her teachings have inspired me to continue to develop my Spiritual practice. Helens progression into the world of Sound Healing has been transformational for me and I just cannot get enough of her offerings!”