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The Priestess of Light Mystery School is a beautiful collaboration with my dearest soul sister, Rachael Staples – Gaia’s Light.

Together we are twin souls who draw forth the heart light of Sophia to Earth, bringing deep soul alchemy on many levels to all that bless us with commitment.

We strive to bring together the great pantheon of the Egyptian Mystery Schools, the magic of Avalon and the vast knowledge of the many star systems that support spiritual growth on our planet to draw forth a new light on soul transformation.

We will explore these energies together through two pillars, teaching and sharing with you the alchemical healing that will empower and guide you on your path.

Together we create a sacred sisterhood of women who are not afraid to be seen, to awaken their true voices and rise into the divine goddesses they are all destined to be.

This incredible offering is delivered as an online virtual training with the opportunity for in-person workshops, soulful circles and retreats.

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We look forward to walking this path with you.

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