My Journey

Image of Helen Sitting

My journey into yoga began over ten years ago in 2006. I initially arrived on the mat in desperation of release from the pain caused by my back injury.

From the first session, I could feel this deep release inside of me, there was a complete shift of energy and a sense of space that my body had been longing for. With each practice I began stripping back the layers of my being, reconnecting with my soul and learning so much about myself. Yoga offered so much more than just a physical practice to ease my pain. Each moment I stepped onto my mat was a chance for me to heal my body not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The magic of yoga really ignited a spark within me and I longed to be able to share this beautiful ancient practice with others and that’s when my teacher training began.

I qualified with The British School of Yoga in 2012 with over 200hrs and I continue to develop my knowledge through workshops and training. Recent studies have been with:

  • Hanuman Academy – Five Great Elements
  • Sianna Sherman – Mythic Yoga Flow
  • Janet Stone – Energetic Alignment, Living the 8 Limbs, Art of Assisting, Nourish & Restore
  • Soul Star Medicine – Shamanic Star Sound, Astro Empowerment

I love to weave my practice with the elements and ancient mythology as well as allowing it to flow with the rhythm of our seasons, the planets and the cycles of the moon. When we mirror the qualities and energy in season and within our solar system we feel more balanced and energised in ourselves. Aligning with nature around and connecting to this cosmic rhythm we can heal more easily, feel more steady in the mind and content with life.

In recent times my spiritual practice has taken on a whole new dimension with the introduction of the Goddess Isis as one of my dearest guides. I have been called to dive deep into training with Alana Fairchild to bring forth soul guidance and sacred mentoring to my students.

This will manifest as a divine collaboration with my soul sister Rachael as the Priestess of Light Mystery School, merging the Egyptian pantheon with the magic of Avalon drawing forth a new light on soul transformation.

For me yoga and all of the modalities I weave together allow us to create this deep soul alchemy that inspires us to awaken and open up to the endless possibilities that reside within. Through these offerings, we begin to cultivate this intimate relationship with our true self and our body and ultimately with our beautiful planet. When this alchemical process takes place transformation is inevitable. We become more healthy, more vibrant and live a more fulfilled and heartfelt life.

It is my intention to bring this magic to you and show you that there is far more to yoga than a performance of poses. It is my intention to connect you to that radiant light and empower, awaken and ignite!

Empower, Awaken, Ignite Tarot Set