June Love Note

We are half way through the year and what a year this is turning out to be. I hope that in these strange times that this love note finds you safe and well.

As we head into the sixth month of the year we are journeying through the eclipse gateway even though we are still in the retrograde season.

It all kicks off with the rebirth of Venus on the 3rd and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on Friday 5th. The messages of these potent energies brings forth a sense of release and renewal. A stripping away of old layers and aspects of ourselves that hold us back.

Mercury in retrograde also rocks up for a second time, so again highlighting those Gemini vibes of how we communicate and talk to ourselves. It’s a time of deep reflection and allowing the power of transformation to awaken our soul path.

Arriving on 20th June we have the beautiful Summer Solstice, a time of deep ritual and celebration and this comes the day before we enter into the new season of Cancer on the 21st.

I always love to bring forth a class that allows us to celebrate this turning of the wheel and I am hoping to get recording this week for you all to bring something to you.

You can certainly feel summer in the air and how blessed we have being with this glorious weather. Feeling the light shining down and igniting the light within. An energy of hope, light and abundance.

Yet, with the current situation we can lose sight of hope and our connection at times. Every time I find myself in this place I come to the one meditation that anchors me back within my heart, the meditation of Metta – loving kindness.

This is my offering to you this month. A meditation on loving kindness. To bring you back to this place and develop a sense of ease within.

This month and always may you be well, may you be happy and may you abide in peace.

Affirmation: “May I be well. May I be happy. May I abide in peace.”

The simple yet profound mantra of loving kindness.

Every morning gently drop into your heart and whisper this to yourself three times.

Allow your heart to soften and open, unfolding like a beautiful lotus flower.

Sit and breathe as you feel the peace within emanate out and into the rest of your day.

Aroma: Oils for Summer

These delicious citrusy aromas always make me think of long summer days and mixed with the cooling touch of peppermint it really does bring a smile to your face.

3 drops of Wild Orange

2 drop of Rosemary

2 drops of Lemon

1 drop of Peppermint

Diffuse and your home will be filled with the radiance of summer!

Practice: Metta Meditation

This month I have recorded for you a Metta Meditation. Head over the online store to download.

A beautiful practice to help you cultivate loving-kindness towards yourself and others.

Try and practice three times a week for the next month and notice how you feel.

(It is best to wear headphones with these recordings if possible. This helps you to really benefit from the binaural sounds.)

Words of Wisdom

“Loving kindness is a profound recognition that our lives have something to do with one another, that everyone counts, everyone matters.”

Sharon Salzberg

I hope this little dose of love inspires your practice today and for the month ahead.

With endless love and devotion,
Helen x

Helen Gray The Alchemy of Light