February Love Note

In the blink of an eye, January is done!

I don’t know about you but the first month of the year always feels so long and to me this was intensified with all of the potent celestial energies that were at play. However, the energy was perfectly ripe for launching new projects and endeavours and I finally birthed mine.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your kind words about my new website and how you are all enjoying our Yoga Alchemy practices that are been offered. The energy in our classes have been beautiful and without a doubt nothing short of transformational, and this is only the beginning.

We head into February now in the energy of Aquarius and with this air element sign there is a welcomed lightness that it brings. This month delivers an abundant energy which will helps us forge our way forward and with it being a leap year for 2020, we get an extra day to harness it all.

Spring is just around the corner and as we move through this next month we will slowly start to adjust our practice to help us transition into the next season with ease and grace.

I hope you will be able to join us and share in the magic!

Affirmation: “I am connected to the endless abundance of the Universe.”

See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it.

Align yourself with the frequency of the Universe and open yourself up to the endless possibilities that are on offer.

You will soon notice your outer world begin to mirror your inner world. As Buddha simply put:

“What you think you become.
What you feel you attract.
What you imagine you create.”

You are the answer you have been looking for.

Be the energy you want to attract!

Aroma: Oils for Aquarius

The feeling of abundance, across all the areas of our life, radiate an energy that is uplifting and hopeful. Wild orange essential oil reflects these qualities too.

With its soft but fruity aroma it invites into our lives a sense of positivity, creativity, flow and calm. This is a beautiful oil to diffuse to bring light into your day and a sense of calm at night.

I love to partner with Ylang Ylang for heart opening, Lavender for relaxation or Peppermint to blow away the cobwebs in the mind.

Give it a try and add a bit of zest to your day!

Practice: Heart Breathing

As we enter the Aquarius season and Vayu (air) being the primary element, lets come into a beautiful practice for Anahata (heart chakra).

1. Tune into your body and connect to the breath.

2. As you exhale feel the ground beneath you and allow your energy to gather and anchor.

3. Gently place your hand to the centre of your chest the home of Anahata. As you do notice the area soften slightly.

4. As you continue to breathe, direct your attention to the placement of your hand. Feel into your heart space.

5. With each inhalation feel your chest rise and a sense of expansion create.

6. With each exhalation witness the chest relax and invite any tension to slowly release.

7. Paying close attention to how you feel and honouring any emotions that surface.

8. Continue for as long as you wish.

Come to this practice whenever you feel anxious, tight in the chest or simply need to connect to your heart.

Ideally practice every morning so you begin your day leading from this place.

Partner with the above affirmation and allow those powerful words to embed in your heart and raise your vibration.

Words of Wisdom

“You only have control over three things in your life: the thoughts you think, theĀ images you visualise, and the actions you take.”

Jack Canfield

I hope this little dose of love inspires your practice today and for the month ahead.

With endless love and devotion,
Helen x

Helen Gray The Alchemy of Light