November Love Note

Well, what a rollercoaster start to autumn!

It feels like forever since I last sent you a little sprinkle of love to your inbox. October ran away with me and unfortunately I just didn’t get around to emailing you. So, I hope you are well!

Autumn is certainly in full swing and such beauty and abundance it is serving. I am loving the smell of log fires, twinkling of stars blanketing the dark evening skies and mugs of hot chocolate are out in force this week.

It has been a turbulent ride of energy since the autumn equinox and with the arrival of the new moon in Scorpio this week, we have certainly being called to face some deep shadows. The whole year has pretty much being like this and I would’t expect anything less from the ‘Year of Transformation’.

We land ourselves now in Scorpio season and it is all about death and rebirth. Looking at the aspects of ourselves that we wish to release, those areas that hold us back and limit us from moving forward. This is a time for us to truly transform our lives and for those who have walked the path this year to really awaken & rise.

I hope I have been able to help you ride this energetic wave with a bit more ease and grace through our classes and teachings. I for one have been going through it all with you. To the point that my whole business is going through a massive transformation. After 7 years as Yes To Yoga it is time for a change. It is time to spruce things up and bring everything more in alignment with my soul and I cannot wait to share details with you soon.

We are still on the ride of intensity for a little bit longer yet.

If you can spend time in quiet reflection over this next week and honour the cycles of death and rebirth in your own life it will serve you well. Remember, the things we release and burn to ash provide us with the nutrients for your own rebirth.

Learn to sit with your darkness for it will become your greatest teacher.

Affirmation: “I honour the cycles of death and rebirth.”

Sitting comfortably in the dark, candle gently burning, silently affirm to yourself “I honour the cycles of death and rebirth’ three times.

Feel the acceptance within your heart.

Begin to release the aspects of yourself that no longer serve you and breathe in the powerful energies of transformation.

The time is now my love for you to be reborn!

Aroma: Oils for Scorpio

As much as scorpio comes with a sting in its tale it is also a very sensual and passionate sign.

For me I love to use sandalwood oil to ground my energy for this intense season and oils such as jasmine, neroli and rose to nurture the sensual side.

Create a beautiful sacred bathtime ritual with these oils. Light candles, lie back and allow the aromas to float you away to mystical lands.

Practice: Savasna

There is nothing more nourishing than lying back into savasana.

As with the bathtime ritual above, create a sacred space for you to simply relax.

Collect your favourite cushions and blankets and create a restful place for you to surrender. Candles, oils, crystals, eye pillows… use it all!

Find your favourite meditation or yoga nidra recording and pop it on then simply snuggle down and receive.

At times of vulnerability, rest is best.

Words of Wisdom

“I understood myself only after I destroyed myself. And only in the process of fixing myself, did I know who I really was.”

Sade Andria Zabala

I hope this little dose of love inspires you now and for the month ahead.

With love,
Helen x

Helen Gray The Alchemy of Light