Starlight Sound Temple

Date: Friday 19th November

Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Location: New Town Hall, Hornsea

Price: £20pp

The eclipse portal opens on the night of the Taurus Full Moon and with it comes an opportunity for deep release and transformation.

You are invited to join me in sacred space for an evening of rest and relaxation as we welcome these energies and lean into the magick that is offered to us.

In our Starlight Sound Temple we will gather as the full moon rises and journey on the waves of crystalline sound as we draw upon the lunar wisdom and eclipse power to bring forth all that our soul requires at this moment in time in service of our highest truth.

This evening will be a beautiful fusion of lunar alchemy enabling deep cellular renewal and soul healing.

In this session you will be surrounded by soft candlelight as you rest comfortably within your nest. Through gentle breath-work and meditation I will guide you into stillness as you begin to embrace the healing vibrations of sound.

From the crystalline frequencies to the elemental chimes, from sacred mantra and celestial transmissions, we will journey together and float amongst the stars allowing ourselves to simply be held and receive. 

These sessions offer an opportunity for ourselves to completely rest and recharge, to be held and to release across all the layers of our being. 

The Starlight Sound Temple awaits your divine presence and I hope you will join me for this beautiful experience. 


Booking is essential as space is limited.

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